Journey Up

We usually fall down; however, I took a journey up.  I was crying on and off; missed my mom.  My dad threw me up the stairs.  Not down, but up…the stairs.  It was one of those moments that stays with you.  I’m glad I survived this moment.
At the time, I didn’t understand my father’s anger.  But I understand now.  It must be painful to see your children crying for your ex-wife- a woman who makes it almost impossible to gain access, to see the kids grow up.  So, I get why he threw me up the stairs.  It’s the rejection of gravity; the hope that things may one day reverse themselves, or something. That time may reverse itself.
Unfortunately, you can’t reverse ‘growing up’.  If you miss it, you’ve missed it.
My name is Jessica, and this has been my dysfunctional beginning.  Please share yours.


One response to “Journey Up

  1. What a beautiful way to write about something awful. You have a way with words!

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