Crooked Beauty

“Birds with perfectly symmetrical feathers cannot fly.”

“I don’t see myself as a person who is carrying around my madness…. There’s this fundamental impulse towards either suppressing our traumas by medicating the symptoms of them away, or by facing down our traumas by ‘delving straight into the teeth of whatever our childhood beasts are’…”

“Part of where it’s coming from is a real impulse to find language for my inner world.  Something about the possibility for wholeness, and the reality of destruction, and that these coexist… and this feeling that there is something more transcendent, something that smacks of grace.”

“How can we stop telling you that you are wrong if you experience these things, and how can we instead help you to learn how to handle your sensitivities that you might make the transition from having these sensitivities overwhelming you, to having these sensitivities be giving you information you can use. ”

Excerpts from Crooked Beauty (trailer).  Crooked Beauty is a documentary that follows Jacks McNamara’s journey from difficult adolescence, to the psych ward, and back.  For more information, check out the trailer.



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