We’ve survived it. Now let’s laugh about it. Or cry about it. Or scream about it. The space for catharsis, and to finally attest for what happened in the beginning…

‘The Beginning’ seems like an overwhelmingly broad and ambiguous phrase that I seem to be throwing around without downright defining it. This blog predominantly looks at adolescent beginnings, growing up, familial issues, etc. This blog also invites material about beginnings related to coming out, relationship issues, psychological issues, economic issues, career issues, and so on.  If your material is vaguely related to the notion of ‘beginnings’, bring it!!

Please send in short fiction, short nonfiction, poetry, multimedia, videos, audio recordings, photographs, about your beginnings (of any tone). Specify your preferred signature or anonymity. No length requirements. Send to:



Found is a section on the blog strictly designated to found objects and photos ranging from — childhood to college to notes exchanged in 5th grade to a worship box for your 8th grade crush.

If you’ve found it, share it. 🙂


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