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childhood (is short)

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When I was a child, I was certain, so certain that although I was growing older, I would never age beyond childhood. That there would be a reset button somewhere (though my thoughts weren’t this sophisticated at the time), but … Continue reading


The days pass slowly, and I am operating on auto-pilot….getting Mum up every morning, moving her to and from the wheel chair, preparing meals that sit, barely touched on the plate, until she asks that they be put in the … Continue reading


God love Meta. She is our savior. She began taking care of Mum last year, and we first encountered her during the last two-thirds of our 7000 mile car trip to Hell and back. We clicked, Meta and I. I … Continue reading


I awake in semi-darkness. Rod’s side of the bed is empty, and I know he has taken off for his morning walk, leaving me here to sleep off a little of the stress he knows I feel. I rise and … Continue reading