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    We started a movie last night. As the first scene opened, I turned to Tim and said: Just remember, this is part of my childhood. By which I meant: This may be a stupid movie, but you better either … Continue reading


Fat and skinny went to war…

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I was fat and they were thin. Life is very black and white when you are seven. I cannot remember a time when I felt that I really did fit in. When I was considered one of the gang. When … Continue reading

A Monologue of My Feet

Horizon, by Tomatoskin, Flickr

I give you a kiss, and I run in the opposite direction. It’s no offense to you; really. It’s my gut, telling me to run away. Well, running is what we should all do. Run toward what we love. Let nothing hold us back. And when it does hold us back? Get strong, and run from it. Eventually.

Bags packed. Smile on my face. Tears streaming down my cheeks. OH, I can’t help it. Goodbyes are not easy (to perform without crying). Goodbyes aren’t hard when you need them. But goodbyes with no tears? Not possible.

Eyes on the horizon. That line, speaking only of the possibilities that are unknown to me. That’s all that’s possible. In that moment. Are the unknowns. And that’s totally enough.

I love you all. And as I run away from you all, I think about how you’ll be okay. That we all go in our own directions sometimes. That running is all we can do. That running IS the answer. Staying? Staying kills. Run toward what you love.

You ran, right? Now, it’s my turn.


Brother’s Stare

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I don’t think that I could ever stare my brother straight in the eye. Neither can he, and that’s something I’ve come to appreciate. When we both look at each other, we’re really just lying. Silently lying about our jobs … Continue reading